Friends, All of us want our data to remain safe.We mostly use USB to secure your data.Photos of our house and some personal data are lying which is too much for us and we do not want anyone else to get that data Now what is happening in such a way that our flash drive is lost If you ever lose our USB drive then brother can become a problem for us So what should we do for them that we need to put some security for our USB so that if ever our USB is lost then there is no issue for us. Now what we often do, use different difference 1 things to make USB secure, using different software Perhaps many of these software may have been used by you, but the software that I am going to tell you today may not have used software like this before. The interesting thing is that this software is absolutely free because most of the software like this are the paid which you get free time which you have to pay for them after Unless you are using such software for free, there is no big issue for you, but when you have to pay for such a thing, then they becomes an issue So I will request you to use the software that I am telling you today and you will not have to give it ₹ 1

Now its advantages is its interesting fact that its size is very small and you will be able to quickly download this software.The size of this software is just and only 1 MB which is very low because often you have seen that the size of the software for the computer is quite large It has only one great advantage that you are getting it in a small size and it is meant to increase your work, and the fun part is that itd totally free.

Now as soon as you install this software, it will go to your downloaded folder, what you have to do is go straight into the download folder.and launch this software.I will give you a link to the software below, you can download this software by clicking on the Direct Download button.

Friends, you have a lot of advantages and the first advantage of them is that you are getting free off costs. The second advantage is that the size of it is very less i.e. just and just 1 MB

You can download this software by clicking the link below.

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