4 Super cool Apps for Android

So finally guys wait is over and i will come back with some amazing apps which you guys obvisouly going to love.These Apps are available on playstore without any cost its means these apps are free.I will give you the links of every app so without wasting anymore time lets move on the topic.

1:Error Maker

Error Maker is an amazing android app and i am using this app as a prank app.You can use this applicationĀ  to prank your friends.In this app, you will be able to change the error title, error message, and error button text.This app is really easy to use and available on playstore without any cost.Easy interface and really cool You can download this app from following link.

2:Stalkie For Instagram

This app is really cool and amazing and helps you to view full size image of any public or private instagram .With Stalkie, it’s very easy to enlarge someone Instagram profile picture at HD quality, download IGTV videos, download stories and repost them. No need to leave Instagram.

Best Features:

Stalkie uses bubbles to keep your instagram pleasure alive. When you want to enlarge a profile picture, or copy an IGTV videos URL, you will see a bubble added to your screen. You can accumulate multiple bubbles, and view them repeatedly while using any application.

You can easily go to the related profile through bubbles, or you can download the profile picture you are viewing at HD quality. To download the profile photo, click on the download icon on the top right.

Easy to Use:

This app has really cool and simple interface and you can use this app easily after downloading because of its simple interface.

The History tab allows you to view and edit photos you have previously stalked. We only keep the profiles you have stalked in your device’s memory. This means that nobody, including application administrators, can see who you stalk.

Stalkie adds photos of popular profiles to the showcase. With one click, you can view, download and repost profile pictures, photos, IGTV videos or stories of all the famous people at full quality.

You can download this app from following link.


Fake id is another amazing android app which helps you to call someone with fake number.If you dont want to show your identity to the someone then this app is best for you and you should must try this app.This app has really simple interface and just put the number you want to show to others and dial the victim phone number below.Thats it!Now pranks your friend with this amazing app.



This is best and amazing android app which i am using from some weeks and i am in love with this app.

FilmyFy is an app where you can Watch and download all kinds of movies from the comfort of your smartphone, without needing to sign up for paid services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO.

FimyFy’s main screen displays each series or film’s artwork, as well as its title, place of origin and year it was released. This makes it easy to find a specific movie or series -but that’s not all- this platform even lets you to download movies and shows directly to your Android device.

FilmyFy has loads of HD movies that you can watch uninterrupted, right from your device. You can also read each movie’s technical details to learn more about it, as well as its actors and producers. On top of that, it has a section with all its films organized be genre, and another with trending movies and shows.

Pop some popcorn and watch entertaining movies and shows right from your Android device with the entertainment app FilmyFy.

You can download this app from following link.




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