Now a days people are earning reasonable amount of money from youtube and even people are making thousands of dollars (if they have good number of subscribers) from youtube.Moreover if you have good number of subscribers on youtube  and your videos are getting 100,000 views in average you will get sponserships from different brands of your category and easily brands pays you 500-1K Dollars for one single promotional video.In short,Youtube is a very benificial platform for making money by Broadcasting your talelent.

Mostly Newbies who makes new channel become worried after posting some videos (10-30) But Youtube algorithm only support constant uploads.Following are some pro tips for getting views Easily on youtube.

  •  First of all upload videos constantly
  • You should make a schedule of uploading e.g upload regulary, 2 in a week or one in a week
  • You should select fix time of uploading so that your audience knows that your video come out 8 or 9 pm or on any other fix time.
  • After following above basic tips now you should select attractive title which attract audience.
  • Attractive thumbnail is most important thing for getting views because main thing is thumbnail and more than 90% people watch video on the basis of thumbnail.
  • Tags are also play an important role in getting views but always add tags related to your video because if you add tags which is not related to your video youtube team may terminate your channel because it is spams.
  • Avoid to use copyrighted material in your videos
  • Must reads all the  the the community guidline and never voilates any term of youtube.

So these are the only tips which helps you to grow your channel and you will get views  and subscriber by following above points.There is no other magic of getting views or subscribers.

So followingapp which helps you to grow your youtube channel and monitor your views and subscribers.


The world’s No1 browser extension for YouTube Creators for boosting there videos is now available on-the-go with TubeBuddy Mobile. Get more views and subscribers by optimizing your videos for organic growth and access all-things-your-channel quickly and easily.

Best Feature
  •   Keyword Research
  •  Suggested Tags
  •  Tag Explorer
  •  Tag Rankings
  •  Comment Moderation
  •  Canned Responses
  • Comment Filters
  • Commenter’s Subscriber Count
  • Channel Milestones
  • Download to your Photos Library
  •  Share on Social Networks
  •  Video Management & Optimizaiton
  • SEO Stats
  • Industry News
  •  Track Video Topics

You can download this app from the playstore by following link.

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15 thoughts on “Best Apps for Increasing Views And Subscribers On Youtube”
  1. @RaviI’d agree with him. In medicine, unless a result is well-replicated, it should be treated as very much provisional. No one who actually does science believes every study that comes out. This is hardly news. The theory of replication in medicine is erroneous as seen in the allopathic system. If the receptor of medicine/disease are infinitely variable, why would outcome be the same? This is treated as normal in homeopathy.My mother, brother, maid and me had malaria at the same time. The maid had continuous fever, while we had the alternate day paroxysms. The remedies that cured were Arsenic Alb for mother and me, Pulstilla for brother and Ipecc for the maid. Homeopathy makes provision for such happening. Check Clarkeprescriber for Intermittent fever, as example.Please try and explain the replication fallacy in the allopathic system for below outcomes:The Replicability Crisis in Science – Rupert SheldrakeRigorous replication effort succeeds for just two of five cancer papers (repeat it after 10 years and all 5 will fail)Most scientists ‘can’t replicate studies by their peers’ – BBC NewsAnd even if they could:Most Patients Get No Benefit from Most DrugsI am sure if you go into detail, numerous such details are available. These theories were postulated to run down complementary medicine. As the tools of evaluation become more sophisticated, the medical system itself is at the receiving end. Caught in its own deceit. No doubt new explanations would be found to explain such variation. This is nothing new.“There is always bad science since doing good science is hard and requires good training.”Bayer, with all its resources, not capable to conduct good science? You have any idea about their replication woes?“The FULL HUNDRED PERCENT of Homeopathy studies that claim a positive result can be shown to be unreplicable. Not 50, but 100. That is what led to the NHMRC report that you are unable to swallow.”I have no doubt you have zero understanding of homeopathy. It works ONLY on the premise of specific repeatability that you term as anecdote. Other wise 10 remedies are not required for malaria. Quinine is enough.“However, about 90 of large trials are replicable (as per Ionnidis). That’s not bad at all.”When the trial is made REALLY large, (drug reaches market) things start going out of control. New adverse effects surface. After every mass killing or suicide there is a check of the medication the person was on. If the person was on medication, he should be getting well not killing others or himself. Check Sridevi!“Pharmaceuticals company Bayer, for example, recently revealed that it fails to replicate about two-thirds of published studies identifying possible drug targets.”“Bayer’s rival Amgen reported an even higher rate of failure – over the past decade its oncology and haematology researchers could not replicate 47 of 53 highly promising results they examined.”Check: Is medical science built on shaky foundations?More than half of biomedical findings cannot be reproduced – we urgently need a way to ensure that discoveries are properly checked.“The situation was not this bad, say 50 year ago………. They just add to the noise.” Now there is need to share trial data for each phase with FDA and for some reason positive outcomes have reduced dramatically???????????????????“Hegde does not …. but those in actual academic research centers have higher thresholds.Many doctors like Dr Hegde are close to the REAL patients and see the REAL outcome of research: such feed back from them is critical. Ridiculing it has created a killing field. Dr David Eddy demolished majority of practices that were based upon research or scientific logic as being zero benefit or actually adverse.“I find it amusing that you cite Ben Goldacre.”There was a video in which Ben Goldcare confirms he did not accept the offer from a homeopath who offered to make a proving with Goldcare that would hurt him, if he agreed to participate in the trial. After proving to the world, that homeopathy cannot work, if Goldcare is not convinced himself, he is not worth wasting time upon. I am trying to locate this content and will send across to you. The ted talk I referred was to define the research outcomes on which allopathy is based.“Goldacre and Ionnidis are attempting to fix and improve the research methods of medical science with sound approaches.”They are not the first one and the direction in which allopathy moves (lubricated by money) you can be sure, after 500 years this discussion will still be going on the same lines with numerous Goldcares and his likes in between.“That is what science is – self-critiquing, unlike Homeopathy where no criticism of Sam, the deity, is allowed.”You repeatedly prove you have zero knowledge of homeopathy. Are you aware of the number of remedies proved by Hahnmann and the number of remedies constituting Materia Medica? Who were the other provers?Constantine Hering proved Lachesis among others. Check Lachesis and Wikipedia for Hering’s background.You write about homeopathy with zero knowledge. If Hahnmann’s was the only thought, there would be no nosodes, no complex medicines, no doctor would prescribe combinations and also the low potencies. But this is done every time and with great success. The basic tenets postulated by Hahnmann remains intact.“I do not know of a SINGLE researcher of repute who would not use modern medicine when he really gets sick.” I am not so sure of researchers, but a lot of allopath doctors consult homeopaths. My uncle and brother, both homeopaths, have a long list of practicing allopaths doctors as patients (included my professor of Physics with 2 PhD’s and my friend with a PhD in Chemistry).Read the comments of doctor: Head of Indian Armed Forces Medical service.Army to throw open doors to alternative medicine | india | Hindustan …“20 of US women, by college alone, report sexual assault.”This is an invalid comparison. The quantum of failures in the so called scientific medicine require a complete change in thought process. Drugs that maim and kill cannot be medicine unless EVERY POSSIBLE OUTCOME is known to avoid failures. Using your analogy, the rapist end up in Jail or are put to death. How many researchers have been put behind bars for deaths resulting from bad medicine?“Merck withdrew Vioxx from the market in September 2004, after a clinical trial proved that it increased the risks of heart attacks and strokes. But internal company documents showed that Merck’s scientists were concerned about the risks of Vioxx several years earlier. And a large clinical trial that ended in 2000 also showed that Vioxx was much riskier than naproxen, an older painkiller sold under the name Aleve.” Merck Agrees to Settle Vioxx Suits for $4.85 Billion – The New York … This is for USA alone.“I agree. Unsound medical practices in US. Does not happen anywhere else on this scale. US is a rather bizzare place in some regards. This was what I meant when I said: US errs to over-action.”Using USA as example, shows a serious divergence in your explanation or is it that, medical research outcomes and medical practice on the ground are not required to work together? The fact is that the two work together and the outcome shows the shallowness of the medical research.“Pain killers are a medical miracle.” What miracles are you defining here? Take a pain killer and then continue to repeat it ad-infinitum? (Sensodyne toothpaste?) What is medicine here? What was cured by the miracle? If taking opiades to provide temporary relief was the rationale, was addiction not the expected outcome? Why blame doctors?“But they have been applied without discipline. Most other developed countries take a more sensible approach. This abuse problem started in the last decade or so. I talked to people effected by it and did some work in the area.”Providing scalpel in the hands of monkeys and expecting no one will get hurt, is warped thinking. Antibiotic example is already there. Zero learning?“The problem is again not as simple as you put it. There are a few notoriously bad doctors that were criminally negligent with opioids.”Nothing should happen to the doctor: where is the definition for dosage?“The problem of mis-prescribing opioids requires further study to understand its frequency, the factors that influence mis-prescribing, and its impact on patients, particularly those suffering pain and those with SUDs. The dominant model of mis-prescribers, the 4D model, is inaccurate and may perpetuate mistaken beliefs and even harmful practices as a result. ““Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Can Physicians Prescribe Opioids to Treat Pain Adequately While Avoiding Legal Sanction?”Frankly do you even have an understanding of pain? Why there is pain in the first place?“No one considers vaccination as a Homeopathic principle. I read discourses by Homeopaths in India (several decades old) deciding to take a foolish stand against vaccinations in general on ideological grounds.”The logic is valid. Vaccination is opposed by homeopaths because the process is wrong and seriously so. My younger brother had a serious problem after small pox vaccination. My son had severe skin eruptions because of MMR. My friend’s younger son developed sweaty palms after meningitis vaccine. We don’t even know the varied and real outcomes? Why do we have so many new problems that we hardly heard of earlier, or epidemics of diabetes, asthma, cancer in children etc. Pushing the idea that it is because of foods and pollution is not going to hold for too long.“Anyway, US health care is not a model to hold as an exemplar. The research is outstanding. But the fee incentives are setup very poorly.”The basic medical model is about making money. Research or other wise. America or anywhere. Slowly and surely, models in each country, where people have money to pay, will move in this direction. India is no exception.“In US, if there is ambiguity, the doctors want to perform more procedures on you because that is how they get paid. In UK, patients demand needless procedures because they feel they paid a lot into the system and they want to get “value” back, while doctors try to tell them that they need nothing since they have relatively fixed resources to take care of a given population.”Very well expressed. Doesn’t matter how you catch your nose. Outcome does not change.“These are not science issues, but economics issues.”Money controls all aspects of medical science.(Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption Marcia Angell) Back to Square One.“Unfortunately, we are slowly adopting the US model of reimbursed systems, rather than investing more in public health. This might not end well.”This is known outcome. Nothing unfortunate about it.“……. as long as they are applied when they should be applied.….. not the failures in judicious application of it.”Is there a reference available that will ensure patients do not get hurt? NO! Is there a learning from mistakes? No. And talking about judicious application, there is some serious problem on your hands:“The plain fact is that many clinical decisions made by physicians appear to be arbitrary, uncertain and variable. (remember your asking for a second opinion for my friend’s son) Reams of research point to the same finding: physicians looking at the same thing will disagree with each other, or even with themselves, from 10 percent to 50 percent of the time during virtually every aspect of the medical-care process—from taking a medical history to doing a physical examination, reading a laboratory test, performing a pathological diagnosis and recommending a treatment. Physician judgment is highly variable.Give a group of cardiologists high-quality coronary angiograms (a type of radiograph or x-ray) of typical patients and they will disagree about the diagnosis for about half of the patients. They will disagree with themselves on two successive readings of the same angiograms up to one-third of the time. Ask a group of experts to estimate the effect of colon-cancer screening on colon-cancer mortality and answers will range from five percent to 95 percent.Ask fifty cardiovascular surgeons to estimate the probabilities of various risks associated with xenografts (animal-tissue transplant) versus mechanical heart valves and you’ll get answers to the same question ranging from zero percent to about 50 percent. (Ask about the 10-year probability of valve failure with xenografts and you’ll get a range of three percent to 95 percent.)”That is Dr. David Eddy: you disagree?“Same thing in medicine. New technology comes. Lots of benefits, also harm. We have a conversation and implement systems to mitigate harm and keep the good.” I keep on looking for benefits from the allopathic system. I am amazed at the population buying diseases in the name of instant relief medicine. Is it not a fact that a death in hospital of even a child or a young person is taken for granted! A cousin of mine, went for a kidney operation, and died within 3 days of cardiac arrest. A little funny as 6 days before his death, he had been throughly examined for all such conditions and operation was done as all parameters were normal! Or maybe the specialists knew about the kidney only and had no clue about the heart.“The solution is not to be luddites – your homeopathy argument.”You have no clue. Homeopaths have never had it so good. They do not get first time patients. Most if not all, their patients have had severe complications on account of specialist allopathic doctors and are in real misery. And with the mess created by the allopathic system, the patients are coming to homeopaths in droves. How many doctors would you know that charge INR 2400 for a 10 min consultation up from INR 400 about 5/6 years back? One agrees to pay such money only when the problem is really serious. And this doctor runs a 90 day waiting list!“MS is not common in Indians.” This young man was diagnosed by his American doctor during his stay in USA and is being treated for over 4 years. His father is a senior surgeon, his mother a gynecologist and your recommendation of second opinion is late by years. He has had over a dozen reconfirmations (a great confirmation on how much doctors and researchers believe in their own fraternity) and the father’s sad remark: our medicines have limitations, that is why we are looking at homeopathy to resolve his condition.“And if he really has MS, please don’t fight against steroids. Follow evidence.” He is on Tecfidera, Decadron and antibiotics, not necessarily in this order. And the evidence is that he is perennially sick, made by some medication or vaccination he took in the past as there is no other valid explanation. The present drugs seem to give him temporary feeling of being well and many moments of reasoning why he shouldn’t get off these drugs.“I know I am talking to a wall here.” The problem is not with me. The poor chap wants to get out of his present situation and his doctors have nothing to offer him.“Long-term steroids will have many problems. The doctors know that quite well.” The problems started in many ways: Regular throat and stomach infections leading to antibiotics. Ravenous appetite that had him add 23 kg in 4 months. (He tried stopping himself from eating and couldn’t concentrate on his work because of constant feeling of hunger.) Facial Hair falling off (another steroid to control it)………..And this is the start. Worse would follow.“But it is the lesser of the evils.”20 years later, new technology and audits will tell you how stupid you were to use steroids as the net gains are nothing compared to the net losses in terms of quality of wasted life, money for such treatment and genetic derangement for generations.“Your anecdotes”: Please send these asthmatics to some good homeopath doctors here in Delhi. Or check with the lady who reported in Quint the case of her 4 year old son on the verge of being killed by increasing steroid doses for “controlling” asthma. He has no asthma now after treatment with homeopathy.“I have never seen a Chemistry PhD do that in the West. They all seem to absorb their education much better into their day-to-day practice.”How is it that these chemists do not start practicing medicine after their PhD? The problem with you is that you are only a glorified chemist!“Evidence on medical errors shows that 50 to 70.2 of such harm can be prevented through comprehensive systematic approaches to patient safety.”The activity of estimating deaths due to medical error started in 1996 with first estimate of 93000 deaths in USA. In 2014 (after 18 years) the figures increased to over 251,000 (170). Why has data gone on the wrong side? Is not the proof of pudding in eating? Was this part of modern medicine? Any year ascribed to it, or century, considering you disown everything of the past?“No one is suggesting that because doctors make mistakes and occasionally prescribe wrong meds…… “Is that a statement or an understatement? The 2012 figure for the world stood at 43million patients killed or harmed. What do you believe the figure because of occasional mistakes is now: 100 million?“I don’t pay attention to bollywood. No idea.”You should. They are a good reflection of the people’s perception: in this case the sickening perception about doctors treating a dead body for running up a bill!!!!!!!!!“… My objections are entirely with his rank pseudoscience and lack of scientific temper.”Go out, try to cure some patients with scientific medicines, see the results and come back and talk about scientific medicine with an open mind. Visit some homeopaths, talk to their patients and then come and write about treatment with an open mind.“Antibiotics ARE cures. They kill and eliminate the organism in question.” Antibiotics are not medicine, just crude drugs. They not only partly eliminate the offending organism, they try to eliminate every organism, leading to new problems completely uncalled for: promoting cancer, asthma and many such diseases. Homeopaths have being observing it and recording it. Now it is the new age research scholars confirming it. Count the new diseases listed in Blaser’s research! ALL on account of antibiotics alone. Add the other miracle drugs and you get a Pandora’s box.Missing microbes: Dr Martin Blaser.“The entire world moved on, but Sam’s acolytes did not.” The world moved on but slowly and surely it is reaching conclusions that Hahnmann postulated. It is not the disease, but the patient that requires treatment. Cancer is one great unfolding example: the protocol of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (not necessarily in this order) will work only if the patient is lucky. When the patient dies, during the treatment, or the cancer resurfaces, no one knows why: not withstanding aggressive, late stage terminology etc. When a homeopath cures cancer, it remains cured. John Henry CLARKE, Ornithogalum.“Let me know when Russ Altman tells you to give up drugs or use homeopathy.” Altman is not stupid, no doubt about it. He would not talk about a subject he does now know about. He is very clear: Stupid doctors and researchers have together created numerous epidemics (in this case:diabetes) by using their half baked knowledge of chemistry as medical science. And then made money out of unsuspecting patients. And has this creation of new diseases stopped? NO:“We don’t just use pairs of drugs at a time. As I said before, there are patients on three, five, seven, nine drugs. Have they been studied with respect to their nine-way interaction? Yes, we can do pair-wise, A and B, A and C, A and D, but what about A, B, C, D, E, F, G all together, being taken by the same patient, perhaps interacting with each other in ways that either makes them more effective or less effective or causes side effects that are unexpected? We really have no idea. It’s a blue sky, open field for us to use data to try to understand the interaction of drugs.SCIENCE WAS TO BE ABOUT EVIDENCE & MEDICAL SCIENCE ABOUT SAVING LIVES!!!!!!!!!!“You are COMPLETELY misinterpreting what the experts are saying.”Altman saying something different? Is this not an issue that should have been resolved in advance? Homeopaths did many things in 200 years: including defining medicine interaction.:relationship of remedies.pdfWhat happens to the patients who ended up with diabetes? All their descendants for generations will live with diabetes: this is what homeopaths have been observing all along. This is the mess Dr. Hegde speaks about.“They are charging quite heavy sums especially given that their answer to every problem is the same thing – this exactly identical sugar pill, just in a bottle with a different serious-sounding label and totally made-up toxicity advice to sound legit.” There is no doubt a large difference between Altman and you. He talks sense. :Identification of unknown homeopathic remedies by delayed luminescence :Ultra dilute solutions have remarkable biological properties (2008)“I want to hear from you why you are not against Unani, Ayurveda,“ I am not against allopathy either. It is one’s choice to use any poison. It is only when idiots write against homeopathy, with zero knowledge, and in the same breath define allopathy as science based, I believe it is my responsibility to show them the lie they spread and their lack of knowledge about homeopathy and more so about what they term “science based medicine”. I do so with references from doctors/scientists making up the medical profession. The science in medicine today is not the science required by medicine. It is only chemistry.Apothecary, even today runs the medical profession.““Here, Ben Goldacre has written 52 articles mentioning Homeopathy on his Bad Science web site.” “ He probably knows allopathic drugs. Not medicine. Wait for me to send you the video where Goldcare confirms backing out of a homeopathic nocebo trial. Until he starts believing in what he preaches, he is a waste of time.“Homeopaths hate his articles and have all sorts of silly accusations of him. Just like you – anyone who tells people what homeopathy really is, immediately gets labeled as a “shill”.”Edzard is for sure a shill. As is the blog Science based medicine. Both ran a paper on one epsom death in India, that happened with a gap of 12 years in the world, to run down herbal medicine. He had zero answer when some one accused him of gloating over the fact that during the same period, UK lost over 264,000 British diabetic patients due to wrong treatment by doctors under NHS.“I am surprised that you don’t think of him the same way as Edzard Ernst, on whose web site you hang out”I have not spent time on Goldcare. Will take up when I have time on my hands. At least he speaks what he understands: everyone has the right to be wrong until he learns better. Shills do not. They are paid: like Ernst. The idiot, took up the job of a researcher for Complementary Medicine and spent the next 20 years running it down. I enjoy running him down: he claims to have studied homeopathy: so he answers not one technical question on homeopathic materia medica. He does not even remember how he practiced homeopathic without a proper degree. I enjoy him as a punching bag. Shills are easy to push around.“Ben Goldacre is a proper public intellectual who makes a strong case for scientific medicine. You understand him in exact reverse.” I am also for scientific medicine. Not the present mess. That is exactly what Goldcare was referring to when he laments about the poor research. Present day Allopathic medical system is like a tree with contaminated manure: the tree looks good: the lush green leaves, beautiful looking fruits the eating of which leaves one sick for life.“18 claim to have experienced a serious medical error”. WHO/Europe | Patient safety – Data and statistics“Looks like you decided to be Homeopathy’s PR team for your retirement.” No. This I have stated earlier.“…this is not 18 of general population. This is for people who are hospitalized. And it is 8-12.” You know anyone in Europe who has not spent time in a hospital? They end up in the hospital at the least provocation. Every thing is paid for. I have worked for European MNC’s for over 22 years. With homeopathy, I used zero medical insurance money over the past 25 years. This included the family.“18 is a survey figure – less reliable than direct data.” The data reported is ALWAYS conservative for the fear of retribution from the medical fraternity. The real data is always much higher.“The more intensive care you receive, the higher the chance of an adverse event. That is common sense. If you do-nothing, you will have no adverse events, other than the risk of non-intervention” That is the paradox part: During doctor strikes, less patients die. During Nurses’ strike, more patients die.“Jaggi Vasudev is a cult leader. His lack of understanding of even the most basic science is appalling.”They were discussing the business medicine is. They were discussing doctor burnouts, patients without insurance and medical limitations. The medical system is about making money, not care for patients, as pointed out by Jagatguru. You miss the point or don’t understand. And you expect medicine in the present form will deliver patients from sickness: where will the money come from, if each doctor started curing the patient? How would one pay back for the expensive medical courses? Or payback for the hospital building that in looks, in providing service and in room charges beats luxury hotels hands down, any day.Allopathy, in its present form is ONLY about money, not medicine, no medical science.

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