In this article we are going to talk about some cool apps which you can use as facebook alternative with some extra features.These all apps are available on playstore free of cost so every app given below with download link is available.

1:Metal For Facebook

This is my one of favourite facebook alternative app with lots of cool features.Moreover this app is light app with beautiful customization.This app provide you very good speed and lauches so fast as compared to official facebook app.Basically this app is made for facebook users but now its include twitter too.Two most used social media app in one light app.Best advatage of this app is that it is very efficient and consume very less battery as compared to other apps.

Key Features
  • This is very light in weight.
  • Available¬† on playstore without any cost.
  • Very Efficient and low battery consumption.

2:Puffin For Facebook

This App is made by the same developers who made puffin browser.This app is specially made for those people who dont want to consume more data on facebook so this app will helps you to safe data.Those with faster connections and newer phones may have a better experience with a different app.This app is totally free and available on playstore and you can download it from following link.


Key Feature

  • This is totally free app and available on playstore
  • Less data consumption
  • Very Efficient and fast experience for users


This is another famous facebook alternative app which is available on facebook free of cost.Socialslim is famous because of its very small size which is only 100KB and its quite impressive.This app even in very small size contain some amazing features.For example simple interface with modern design,it is not intrusive,respect your privacy according to developers.Moreover this is an open source app and the codes of this app is available online on gethub and anyone can contribute in its development.You also get quick notifications of all your activities on facebook.So everyone who want to enjoy facebook on low data and battery consumption must try this app because definitely this is great app in less size.

Key features

    • Lightweight only 100kb
    • Open code source available on gethub so anyone can contribute
    • Efficient,easy interface and low power and data consumption.

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