How to start freelancing

Do you want to start working as a freelancer but don’t know where to begin? Then you need to read this article.
I made this a complete guide for people who want to start freelancing. This guide will help you get started in 9 easy steps, whether you want to work as a freelancer. There is certainly a big career for freelancing in the future.

A lot more goes into freelancing than you might think. Some people think that anyone with a computer and access to the internet can make money online. But, it’s not true. To make it as a freelancer, you need to build skills, practice, learn, and be dedicated. Continue reading only if you’re ready to put in a lot of effort to become a freelancer and earn money on your own terms.

So, if you want to use your skills at work and are looking for a job, freelancing is a good option. Now, let’s get started.

Freelancing in future

Benefits of Freelancing in the Future:

Freelancing has some major advantages that attracted millions of people to the “brighter future in freelancing:

  • Freelancers can determine their own hours. Working at your most productive time maximizes your potential. Maybe you’re a productive night owl or an early bird. Both ways work.
  • Start a low-cost digital business or career. A computer and a stable internet connection are usually enough. This is unlike workplaces where users rent offices, buy pricey equipment, and pay for maintenance.
  • Today, many people need to work remotely. As long as remote employment is feasible, freelancers will obtain additional opportunities.
  • You can find suitable clients. You’ll develop a good reputation by providing people with their desired work. Customers will be loyal and trust you, it will increase your connection with clients.
  • Setting your own work hours helps you balance work and life. You’ll have more time for family, friends, hobbies, and other personal activities.


Step 1: Consider your Expenses:

You’ll need to think carefully about your costs since you’ll have to pay for everything you need to provide your services. A good computer and reliable internet are a must to do any online work. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you probably need an Adobe subscription. Or, if you want to make movies, vlogs, or take photos, you’ll need cameras, lighting equipment, and tools and software for editing.

Step 2: Choose a Marketable Skill:

The most crucial step in becoming a freelancer is to learn a skill and then offer a service. To do this, you’ll need to know how your skills can help someone who might hire you. Try to see things from the point of view of your target client. Recognize how can you use your skills to help them.

Once you have a skill people are willing to pay for, you should ensure you can offer it as a service. To put it simply, you have to be good at what you do to get paid for it.

It’s important to remember that clients want help with a problem. To do successful freelancing in the future, you need to know what the client needs and how your service can help them.


Step 3: Find your Target Market:

You can’t try to sell to everyone at once. But if you know exactly who you’re trying to reach with your services, you’ll be able to market to them better. As a new freelancer, it’s not enough to be good at what you do for clients to find you by themselves. It’s important to put yourself in front of potential customers so they can understand the services you offer. You’ll have to do something to find potential clients.
There are many benefits to knowing who your target audience is. First, you should decide what your services are for. Then you can think about what kind of marketing messages will appeal to them.  This will make it easier for you to promote, and send effective campaigns through your website, social media, or emails.

Step 4: Make a Portfolio:

When you work as a freelancer, you build up your portfolio as you go. You can only get better at what you do by taking on more projects and more responsibility. Every job you do gives you a chance to get better at what you do.

Your portfolio should include examples of your finest service-related work. Each element in your portfolio should illustrate your contributions and how the client benefited from the project. Before including past clients’ project materials in your portfolio, it is essential to obtain permission from such clients.

How to start freelancing

You also run your own business as a freelancer. You are the only one who knows when to grow your business by adding new services or products that can help your clients. This means that you should network or learn a new skill to keep up with the latest trends in your field. You can always look at online courses, to learn better ways to do things that will make you more valuable in your field. The portfolio always helps you in your career of freelancing in the future.

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Step 5: Develop a price structure:

The most crucial question to ask at this stage is likely, “How much should you charge?” Before accepting clients, you must know how to intelligently price your services.

Honestly, it’s not just about money; it’s about your quality of life as well. You do not need to work more than you can for multiple clients to survive. Your objective is to earn money and live in comfort many pricing strategies enable you to work fewer hours and earn more money.

Check sites such as Upwork and Fiver to determine how much other freelancers charge for the services you offer. Also, ask friends or colleagues who work in the same field what they charge. Compare your portfolios, skills, and work experience.

Since you’re just a beginner, it wouldn’t be fair to charge the same prices as freelancers with more experience.

Instead, you should try to find a place in the middle where you can offer a price that is comparable to that of experienced freelancers without making yourself look too cheap.

Step 6: Find Good Freelancing Platforms:

Freelancing platforms are one of the best ways to get jobs early on and build your portfolio at the same time. Upwork,,, and Fiverr are all well-known examples.

The best thing about these platforms is that they can put you in touch with clients you would never have met otherwise. The downside is that they will take a cut of what you make. But many freelancers are happy to give up a small part of their pay to build a strong network of clients.

Earn Money

Step 7: Proposal Writing:

Writing a proposal for a client must be accomplished with attention. It is unlike writing an ordinary email or social media message. You must give careful consideration and determine how to convince your client to hire you above the other freelancers. Make sure you give a solid reason to hire to give good solutions to clients’ problems with your proposals.

Creating a template might assist in organizing your proposal, but the most successful freelancers customize it for each customer and project. Investing additional time and effort upfront indicates your devotion, passion, and professionalism.


Step 8: Self Advertisment:

Your freelance business can grow in many ways. Having your own website can help your business grow. You can make good content from your online platform that says a lot about you and your expertise.

SEO is what you’ll need to do to really get people to visit your website. You can start by doing keyword research to find out what specific words people use to look for services in your area on Google and other search engines.

Using these keywords, which tell us what people are looking for when they search online, in your content can help your site rank higher in organic search results. As a result, you may be able to reach a wider range of people.

Social media marketing is another way for a freelancer to get the word out about what they do. Use social media to reach new groups of people who might be interested in buying from you. Try different things, like posting often and telling stories about your business, to get people interested.

Freelancing in Future

Step 9: Do your Best in Every Project:

When you get a job, the next step is to make sure you do the work exactly how the client wants. Or, in this case, I would recommend you go above what the client wants you to do. If you are willing to do a project give your 100% so that the client will always come back to you for services.

So find a way to do work that is better than what is expected, and learn how to be different from everyone else. As a freelancer, that’s the only way to make a long-term living.

It’s important to give and get feedback all the time, whether you’re working with an agency or other freelancers. This is not a criticism or an attack on the person. It’s just information about how you did the project. It will really help you get more projects.



There are risks involved with becoming a freelancer, as well as difficulties to watch out for along the way, but don’t let it discourage you; freelancing in the future will be well worth it. Push yourself to be influenced by other freelancers and to learn from their experiences. You will be well on your way to gaining more success as a freelancer if you are able to do this.


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