TOP 4 Android Applications For Android

In This article we are going to talk about some amazing and awesome android application which enhance your experience of using android.I always choose application from almost every categories.I will provide you the link of every app after review so without wasting anymore time lets move on the topic.

Amoled Wallpapers

Amoled wallpapers are very attractive for mobile screen.If you are bored of your built in wallpapers or your wallpapers app then you should must give at least first try.According to a study, you could save more than 30% battery life on a smartphone if you use dark AMOLED Wallpapers instead of using a bright and white Wallpaper.This app contain ads but this app is worth to download.

PSP Emulator

If you are a lover of sony playstations but you cant afford or currently you dont have so you must try this android application at least for one time.You can download iso files of games for psp emulator from lots of website.You’ll be able to play all of your favorite PSP games in HD, right on your mobile device (or even your PC). There’s even customizable controls, like tilting sensitivity, so you can play exactly how you want to.

While this great app is entirely free, there is also a gold version, which is currently $5. For an app, this does seem fairly steep, since they don’t usually cost more than just a couple of dollars, but it may really be worth it for you. While the game won’t change it all, this will get you developer support. So if you’re playing the free version and run into a problem, at any time you can pay the $5 for gold and get instant access to some help. That is a great deal, and will only cost you the price of a nice coffee.Download this app from the following link.


Away auto reply application is the best android application for busy guys yes if you dont want to reply someone during studies or driving so you should give one try to this app.Whenever you’re busy turn ON Away app and set custom message, it will automatically send reply to all incoming messages.

Best Features

  •  Away app supports all popular social messaging apps.
  • Send automatic custom reply text for incoming messages.
  • Customise the auto reply time.
  • Reply Continuously to the same person.
  •  Time delay reply.
  •  Reply once.



With Cleanfox, you can clean your inbox and the environment. Here’s how it works: use the app to delete old spam and newsletter emails simply and quickly. Doing so reduces your carbon footprint by 10 grams of CO2 per email, which helps the environment, of course. Plus, when you invite a friend to try the app, the company will plant a tree once the person joins. It’s a win for you and it’s green. What more could you ask for? Try this app atleast for one time.

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