Friends should not be happy if we speak in Urdu and write our mobile in English Yes, friends will be very enjoyable because it will be very easy for those people who know Urdu very well but they have some problems while speaking English. Now it will be the main advantage if we want to talk to any such peoples that does not know Urdu or Hindi but English knows .It will benefit us very much and we will be able to speak easily with that man.For now, if you want, you can use many more applications that you will find on the Play Store.

But the application that I am going to tell you today is a keyboard and its most beneficial thing is that you can also write in Urdu itself, apart from that, you will also speak Urdu in English. Simply say that the speech in Urdu and text in to English Now you get a lot of The best part is that you also get to write Urdu in it, besides you, if you speak then it will be written.if you want to complete your college or universty assignment fast this application helps you in this way that you start speaking in urdu and this app start converting your text into urdu another advantage of this app is that you can easily correct any text if its make some mistake during i am giving you this link below and you just download this by clicking the download button below.

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