Friends, what sometimes happens is that you get calls from any unknown number and you become very upset Now what is the oddity now that someone may have received a call by mistake or sometimes deliberately is making you suffer Beautiful In that situation, we do not know what we should do .For that today I’m going to tell you a solution.Hope you guys like today’s article

For this, you need an applicstion called eyecon.This application is very tremendous if you want to see anybody’s photo which is calling you How to use this application now it is very easy that you just go to it to verify your number and your account will be created on this application After that you have to write any number that is teasing you, you have to dial it As soon as you dial the number, if that man has posted a picture on WhatsApp, on Facebook, or any social media, hence its picture will appear in front of you.

In this way you will be able to guess who was troubling you and you could catch him This is a very simple and easy way to solve your problem. If you like today’s article, then you should definitely tell me in the comment below.if you want to download this app click on download button below.

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  1. Sir i have downloaded mijorty of your apos i have seen nearly all of your videos but now i have an problem i cant downlaod this app eyecon app its country lock not available on app store kindly sir helo me get it have an huge respect on your work i will be waiting this is my whatsaap contact

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