this application is used for the incoming call can hide the number and name of person who is calling you.this application become useful for you when you forget your phone at any place or give your phone to your family or friends.this application is lite can use lots of feature free of cost.and also this application is downloaded by millions of peoples so we can trust on this .

My opinions:

Friends, about all the details of this application that you have read above .I have experienced a lot of application Personally but this one is amazing and another 10 million people have also downloaded .Apart from this, it is not too heavy on your smartphone because its size is just 10 MB.Personally I liked the application .If you want to download this application,I will give you link below, you can download from the Direct Google Play Store. Thanks for visiting our blog. Visit our blog daily for amazing apps reviews.

Detail by Developers:

▶ Incoming Call Lock
You can have full privacy for your incoming calls by setting your own password
Protect your incoming call with your fingerprint
(*Fingerprint lock is only supported on Android 6.0 device with fingerprint sensor)

▶Hide Caller ID / Rename Caller ID
You can change or hide caller’s name or number on incoming call screen

▶App Lock
Protect your phone logs, text messages, photos, video and etc with WhatsApp and Facebook
Use your fingerprint to lock favorite apps
(*Fingerprint lock is only supported on Android 6.0 device with fingerprint sensor)

▶Take picture of intruder
Anyone snooping on your phone? Couchgram will catch them for you.

▶Speed Booster (Memory Boost)
Clean your memory and speed up your device.
“Speed up your phone with booster”

▶Call log auto delete
Would you like to hide your call logs? Register a contact to delete call logs automatically.

▶Incoming Call Wallpapers
Express your preferences by selecting unique incoming call wallpapers.
Try selecting photos that capture your favorite moments.”

▶Privacy Screen Filter
Use privacy screen filter to protect others from seeing your screen
(*Lowers screen brightness lower than you can do it by default brightness settings in android.)

▶Permission required
Device & App history: Permission required for App-Lock
Identity : Permission required for installing App
Contacts : Permission required for Incoming Call Lock
SMS : Permission required for switching to instant messaging during a call
Phone : Permission required for Auto Deleting Call Log
Photos/Media/Files : Permission required for using Photo Gallery as Incoming Call and App Lock Wallpapers
Storage : Permission for using App Lock Wallpapers



so guys you can download this application directly from play store by the following link:

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