how to convert voice into text on android

By admin Jun 7, 2018


Friends, the application I’m going to tell you. This application can prove to be beneficial for you. You can benefit from this application when Someone send a voice message .if someone send voice messages to us, we like to convert it to text .In such a situation, we may have to face a lot of trouble Because if there is a 5-minute audio, then you have to go through a lot of time in writing it. But the application that I will tell you today is going to benefit you a lot and you can take a lot of benefit .Using this application, you will be able to convert any of your voice messages into the text

Description by developers:

Have you ever been receiving voice messages from WhatsApp and not being able to listen at that time? Now you can convert them to text and know in time what your friends communicate, even when the situation does not allow. All this thanks to Transcriber, without time limits.

key features:

If we talk about some of its special features, then I tell you below.

1:First of all, you get very much language, you can select the language of your choice.

2:Being a Pakistani, I am glad that you get the option of Urdu language in this application.

3:Apart from that, the size of app, so far is just 4 mb only (may change after update)

4:Due to the low size, it will not load too much on your mobile, if you want to use it, you will need an active internet connection.


If you want to watch video about this application, then I have uploaded videos to my channel. If you did not vidit our channel, then you can visit our youtube channel name as top4U.

It makes me feel like today you have learned a lot from this article then I will put the link below to download the application. You can download the application from playstore by clicking on the link below.

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