If you also want to check that Who tries to unlock your phone over and over again You can check this thing in the easy way.Friends, you have often seen that you keep a phone at home or if you keep a phone near your friend, you would not know who is trying to unlock your phone over and over again Sometimes it also happens that a someone knows your password and that your phone is used repeatedly

Now you can not know who is using your phone, but if you apply today’s method, You can catch that person that is trying to unlock your phone over and over again Now look what happens in such a thing that sometimes he or she does even put a wrong pattern. In such a way that the application which I am going to tell you today will take a picture of that person.Its easy to use Its size is also very small(2Mb+) which is another good thing for your smartphone .This way it will not even put much burden on your smartphone .Now friends, what you have to do is download it from the link below. This link will take you to the direct play store and you have to install this app in your mobile..As soon as you install this application in your mobile, then it will ask you for some permissions which you have to give .If we talk about permissions, they will first ask for permission from you about the camera. Because this application itself depends on the camera .Now as soon as you give permission It will activate after that you do not need to do anything else

Now friends, as soon as a someone put a wrong password oor the wrong pattern in your mobile, it will take his picture and you will get that picture inside this application .Inside this application, you will get an option “photo log” which will save your picture which it took people to do wrong patterns. Hope you like our article today Visit daily our website to read similar interesting Articles . you can download this app from the Play Store by clicking on the download button below. Thanks for reading article ۔take care.

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