Hello guys,everyone is well aware from the popular social media application instagram.Instagram is leading social media application after youtube and facebook.In June 2018, Instagram reported a landmark. Instagram now has over 1 billion monthly active users (MAUs). This grew from 800 million MAUs in September, 2017. Worldwide 500 million plus Instagram users are active every single day.These statistics show you that how much instagram popular is and instagram is growing at very fast rate so if you want to grow business or you want to become famous instagram is best platform and according to my personal experience instagram algorithm is far better than facebook so you can easily grow your business or fan base faster than other available social media platform.In this article we are going to talk about how you can increase your instagram followers with different methods so without wasting anymore time lets move on the topic.



Hashtags plays very important role in making your instagram popular.It can be very tempting to pepper your image descriptions with the most popular hashtags that are, in fact, just simple words, such as #summer, #love, #dog and so on. It’s true that these hashtags have millions of posts, but they won’t do much for your account’s growth in the long run. What you need are community-oriented, specific hashtags that will drive more engagement and help you build a brand. Simply search for a term and choose a hashtag to see the search volume. If your account is small, don’t target hashtags bigger than 50,000 in search volume.If you have good number of followers then start using popular hastags.



If you want to grow instgram followers then you should try some application which is available easily for free.If you have decent amount of followers then you should not need to try any kind of apps for the sake of followers because it might be risky and possibly instagram team will detect your activity and remove your account but if you have 0 followers you can try these types of apps for initial boost.Following are the some links of apps which you can try for initials followers.

                                                                FASTFOLLOWERS APK


                                                             Real followers for insta APK

3:Your Insta profile name (not username)

Don’t use your name (unless you’re famous), but rather pick a keyword or keywords that people will be searching for.If you choose your own name and you are not famous already then people not search your name but if you choose famous names like lifestyle,men styles,world records or any other name that people will be searching then you easily start gaining followers.


It ain’t called social media for nothin’! Respond to the comments you receive and leave comments of your own on others’ work. Rather than something stale like, “cute dress,” try to leave genuine comments and questions that encourage them to post more photos so ifyou leave decent comment on someone picture you will start gaining followers automatically who become inspired or like you commnet.

5:Use Instagram Stories

Believe it or not, Instagram Stories are rapidly growing in popularity, to over 400 million daily users. Many users even report they love watching Stories more than the endless “scroll” of their feed ? Get creative with your Stories. Take your followers behind the scenes and show them the most interesting parts of your day. Ask questions. Use polls, quirky GIFs, and music. Play with filters and Boomerangs. This is an amazing way to start getting comfortable on video and connect with your followers in an even deeper way.


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