Hello guys,today we are going to talk about how to share your favourite apps or games with your friends on whatsapp.I am not joking its reality yes you can share apps and games through WhatsApp like the snap of your fingers.Technically, WhatsApp, one of the most popular IM apps, allows the sharing of messages, audios, voice notes, location, videos, documents, gifs and images. That’s right, I excluded apps because it’s not a feature that comes pre-installed in the app. However, that doesn’t take out its possibility.So without wasting anymore time lets move on the topic.

So as i mentioned above whatsapp officially does not have the feature which will able to share apps or games with your friends but we can share apps and games with the help of some other app.In this article we are going to talk about one of the app which helps you to share your favourite apps or games through whatsapp with your friends.So very simple proccess is following.

First of all install the app name as apk share from the play store

Open the app, navigate and click on the app you want to share through the social media app.

  • At the bottom of the interface you will see SEND/SHARE just press that button.
  • After this, you’ll be shown a list of options wherein you’ll select WhatsApp.

  • Then, you’ll have to select the contact you want to share the apps with.
  • Once you’ve done this, the app will be sent and your friend will download and install the app directly from the whatsapp.
  • This also applies to the sending of games through the social media.

Also you can share games and apps with your friends through facebook messenger or with any other social media.This app has also some other features mentioned below.

Multiple Apk Share – Transfer apps over bluetooth, email ,Facebook, Whatsapp etc.
Multiple App Uninstall – Uninstall multiple app faster in one click                                                                  Multiple App Backup – Save multiple apk to SD card in one click.
Copy multiple app Link to Clipboard.App Informer – Shows selected and all application count and size based on your search filter
Used Permissions – Shows used permissions by app
this app is free to use but yes you will see some irritaing ads in this application.

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