How to Spend the quarantine time

By admin Mar 29, 2020

What is Quarantine:

When a person has been exposed to a source of a communicable disease, we don’t know if they have been infected or not. So that person is placed in some form of quarantine for at least one incubation period for the illness we suspect s/he has been exposed to. If they have the infection, it will appear within that time, and further spread is halted. Once the incubation period has passed, the person can move freely because they are not able to infect anyone.

The word is old, and comes from “40 days” in Italian. “Isolation” is quite different. This is when we keep someone away from others because we know they have the disease and can pass it on to the rest of the population. They stay in isolation for the period of communicability for that illness So now lets move on the main topic and lets discuss the things you can do in quarantine.


hen you just can’t stand to look at that project for another minute and you need a break, where do you turn? What do you do when you’ve got downtime at work and nothing to devote your time to? The answer is simple – browser games. There are thousands of games on the Internet that run entirely in the browser, but not all of them are fun to play. In fact, some of them are downright awful – but never fear. We’ve listed some of the best titles to kill a few minutes of time or give you a welcome distraction when you need a mental break.

You can try some pc games links are giving below.

Web Series

Web series is also entertainment show of different genre broadcast on internet or on YouTube or YouTube like website. Since it comes on web that’s why it is called web series. Like TV series it also broadcast certain number of episode in one season and comes again in next season with next level of story.

I think the name says it all. TV series are shows which are presented to audiences through the television medium while web-series are shows which can be streamed online. When it comes to a TV series, you will have to wait for the show on a weekly basis, or will have to tune in at a particular time of the day. There is no such restriction when it comes to web-series. You can watch your favourite show at your own convenient time, as long as you have an internet connection. Many online streaming platforms also give you the option to download these shows and watch them without an internet connection.

You cannot watch a TV show again on TV, unless it’s a repeat telecast. That’s not the case with web-series; you can watch your show as many times as you want in a single day. You will have to pay your Subscriber a fee to watch T V shows, but many of the web-series are absolutely free of cost. You only have to pay the internet service provider. TV shows are still popular in the rural areas where there is no internet connection or supporting technology, where as web-series are more popular in the cities.

A webseries is basically a collection of episodes which is streamed through online platforms. These episodes could be related to each other or could be one long story split into multiple episodes. Most OTT and VOD platforms today are streaming a lot of engaging content in the form of web-series. Various genres are explored in a web-series which typically consists of not more than 15 episodes. The most popular genres explored through a web-series are comedy and suspense-thriller.

You can try some web series from the following link in quarantine or buy subscription on netflix or amazon prime.

Learn New Softwares in quarantine

There are lots of softwares which you can learn during your free time like adobe photoshop,adobe premiere,after effect,lightroom etc.

After Effect

fter Effects has been the leading program in the video compositing industry since the ’90s. It is used for adding visual effects to videos or animations. After Effects can also be used to create animations of both text and complex characters. Other things like adding clips into a clip or overlaying green-screens come with ease. A quick run through YouTube will show kids using After Affects how to add lightning strikes, glowing eyes, and lightsabers to their videos.

After Effects packs some of the most powerful editing tools available for video, such as the Rotobrush which lets you automatically paint a character out of any background you choose in minutes vs. hours of manual frame-by-frame editing. All of these features make this program specifically hardware intensive, so be sure to have at least 8GB of ram and a ton of CPU power before trying to use it.


Photoshop is the go-to image editing and manipulation software used by almost everyone in the industry. Photoshop excels in working with raster (bitmap) graphics and is capable of producing highly detailed compositions. While originally intended to be a photo manipulation program, Photoshop has been taken up by digital painters and design professionals in both the classroom and workplace.

Adobe premiere

Premiere Pro is used to edit and cut video tracks, and then export them in the desired format. The project panel allows you to grab individual clips and add them to a timeline to create a movie. Titles can be added, elements from the rest of the Adobe suite can be added, and color corrections can be applied. It wasn’t until recently that Premiere started to receive a lot of attention. It was with version CS5.5 that the Mercury Playback Engine was refined, which allowed faster performance that takes advantage of GPU-acceleration and multi-core processors.

Links of these softwares are given below or you can try from the official adobe website.

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